Sunvair's services include Machining, NDT, Hydraulics & Painting

Sunvair handles the complete Landing Gear Overhaul process, including:

Sunvair's multiple inspection steps result in the “best in industry” product quality. While self-imposed, the additional inspections ensure top quality product, enabling maximum product life.

Sunvair's machine shop includes more than 35 conventional machines, including cylindrical and surface grinders, lathes, mills and support equipment. Our machines are sized to handle the landing gear parts of narrow body aircraft.

Sunvair is able to handle all machining in-house, including landing gear pistons and spline operations.

Our in-house, AQMD approved primer, paint, and infrared dry booths, help keep jobs on schedule to meet committed delivery dates.

New in house plating shop December 2016 including Chrome, Cadmium, Nickel, and Nital Etch.

Non-Destructive Testing
Sunvair's Non-Destructive-Testing (NDT) equipment includes state of the art Mag and Penetrant inspection systems.

Hydraulic Testing
Sunvair's Skydrol and Red Oil test stands are capable of supplying pressures up to 25,000psi and flow rates up to 40 gallons per minute.